Winter Is Here! 9 Tricks To Take Care Of Your Skin


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Warm sweaters, cozy blankets, cute beanies and hot chocolate, there’s nothing not to love about the winter season. However, there’s one organ that absolutely hates the winters. Yes, you guessed it right: your skin. The skin is a very delicate organ and therefore, the winds of winter can cause absolute misery to your skin.

But don’t you worry child because we have got a bag of tricks that will ensure that your skin looks soft and beautiful even during the winters. Read on to unveil the tricks:

Carry a pocket moisturizer and lip balm: Winter Rule #1: You see dry skin, you moisturize it. Just be a little sly about it in public places.

Choose the right moisturizer: In simple words, a change in weather needs a change in moisturizer. Keep up because change is the only constant.

Moisturize regularly: Eat. Sleep. Moisturize. Repeat. That’s the magic mantra to save your skin during winters.

Hydrate yourself: Hydrating yourself is directly proportional to hydrating your skin and during winters, your skin needs plenty of that! Take our word for this one!

Make moisturizing a bedtime ritual: A wise man named DocsApp once said, “Before you sleep at night, count your blessings… and moisturize!

Don’t skip the sunscreen: Just like ice cream, ‘I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream, Sunscreen! DO. NOT. SKIP. SUNSCREEN. DURING. WINTERS.

Cover yourself: Gloves, Beanies, Socks, Mufflers? Now is the right time to bring them all out of the bag. Plus, they make you look all nice and cute.

Follow a healthy diet: Eat healthy food items with high water content. Wait, this one's so important that it basically applies to all the seasons. Our bad!

Keep your showers warm and short: Long hot showers are surely calming and all that but for winters, use lukewarm water and keep it short.

There you go! Winter is here but we are always here for you!

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