A 20/20 clear vision of health this New Year


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How to have a 20/20 clear vision of health this New Year. It's almost a new decade — and that means it's time to start thinking about resolutions. It’s an exciting time, brimming with promise of new beginnings. Each year, as the pages of the calendar turns from December to January, millions of people make a New Year resolution.

Each year, many of those self-promises relate to wellness, whether it’s about losing weight, eating better, exercising more or simply getting healthier. The very first day of the year is the perfect time to reprioritise our life and health goals for the year to come. This New Year, instead of making an endless to-do list’, let’s have a 20/20 vision. A clear and acute vision about the overall health of the mind, body and soul.

Let’s start with leaving all bad things that affect our health and social life. This will not only jumpstart the creation of a healthier mind and body but also will make 2020 the best year ever for each and everyone! So, how do you have a 2020/20 vision? Start with these simple priorities:Stop drinking alcohol and start drinking juices. Quit lighting a smoke and light festive candles instead.Ensure that everything on a plate is full of healthy meals instead of burgers or chips.  These are some of the things we can do to improve our health and make a big difference in our daily lives.

Having said that, what about our social life?Health will only turn out to be good if we are socially and mentally at peace. So how can we boost the social and mental health? Here are things one must focus on for their 20/20 vision for health:

Meet and talk to new people

When we get mentally stuck, we usually end up staying at home, missing out on a lot of opportunities out there. Meet new people, make new friends. It is beneficial for mental well-being and a healthier social life.

Keep calm and ignore the FOMO

Never fear the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. It is practically impossible to be present for everything anyways. Stop, and realise that lives we witness online every day don’t actually exist. It’s just about an effort to get our minds right and ignore the FOMO.

Stay true even on social media

Getting attention is an amazing thing! But in the race of getting the maximum attention, we often start showing who they are not. Let’s take a resolution to be what we are! Be your true self in this seemingly chaotic social media.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

Being healthy is not only about physical fitness, being healthy means mentally and emotionally fit. Feeling good about ourselves and others, having a positive attitude and a lot more heightens our inner strength and inspires others too.

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This New Year, let’s not make long lists. Let’s make the right choices. Choose 20/20 clear vision and make this New Year the best ever with DocsApp Gold.    

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