Home Health Care: Medical Care at the Convenience of Your Home


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Home health care is a broad term. At its crux, it delivers health and wellness services at the comfort of your home. Your need for home health care can be as simple as a nurse visit for injections as part of a short-term treatment for an injury or ailment, post-operative care at home or long-term care for a parent with Alzheimer’s. Take a closer look at what home health care entails and its benefits for the family and patient.

What's Home Health Care?

In essence, healthcare needs that require the assistance of medical experts such as nursing staff, physiotherapists, and trained caregivers, but does not need the precincts of a hospital or medical care facility are delivered by home health care services.The broad spectrum of services offered by home health care specialists include home nursing services, disability home care, chronic care, attendant (caregiver) home visit to assist with elderly care, nurse visit for injections, IV infusions, post-operative care, and physiotherapist visits to help with rehabilitation after injuries or surgery.

Benefits of Home Health Aide

Whether you are looking for home health care services for yourself or a loved one, if you have any inhibitions about bringing medical care home, here’s why you need to get comfortable with the idea:Post-operative care at home: Those difficult weeks after discharge can be a challenge, both for the patient as well as for the family who will have to take care of the patient at home. This post-operative period is very critical to ensure speedy recovery, immunity from infections and to basically regain good health. Trained caregivers, physicians and nurses who are able to provide the right medical care at home, therefore, become essential in this recuperation period. Access to skilled medical care at home: The long tiresome queues of the OPD (outpatient department) and an even longer wait period - you don’t always have to go through it! There are some treatments and sessions such as physiotherapy that can be done in the comfort of your home. Beyond that there’s the convenience for older patients and those with mobility issues, where you can bring their medical care to them, giving them the liberty to stay in a relaxed environment during their treatment. Companionship and care for the elderly: In case of home care for the elderly, are you sure you are supporting them with the right nutrition? Are you sure they get their medication on time, every day? What if your work or schedule does not allow you to closely monitor these critical aspects of your parents’ care?  Attendants or caregivers give them the companionship and attention they need, focusing additionally on any required physical exercise and lifestyle aid. Lifestyle aid can include feeding, grooming, bathing, and bathroom assistance. Better health outcomes: Focussed sessions and medical attention have always proven to show better health outcomes in patients. One-on-one focus and support from caregivers helps them stay on track with their health goals and helps them stick to the schedule of treatment charted out for them. An affordable alternative to hospital care: For conditions that do not warrant hospitalization but do need constant physical assistance such as patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, etc., or patients with disabilities, home health care can be the only best option and the most affordable one too. Trained professionals can also assess safety risks and ensure simple corrections around the house like placing a rug on a slippery floor or handrails in bathrooms. [av_promobox button='yes' label='Book Home Health Care Services on MediBuddy' link='https://www.medibuddy.in/?utm_source=blog_cta&utm_medium=blog']Home health care services in India have taken a leap in the right direction
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