Have You Read This List Of Skincare Mistakes?


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Once upon a time, there was a man who was 22 years of age, he had horrible, horrible skin. Acne, blackheads, whiteheads, dry patches; you name it and he had it. He tried all sorts of skin products and skincare routines but nothing worked. He became sort of a loner and people ignoring him didn’t really help in any way.

Then one fine day, everything changed. He walked in with Greek God-like skin. His skin was so flawless, that every time he walked by, his skin would glisten and light up the room. People looked at him in complete awe. People started giving him heaps of attention but the loner in him always maintained his distance. Everyone wanted to know what his skincare routine was. Obviously, the guys didn’t like him and the women put on their FBI caps to find out how on earth did the transformation happen?

After multiple failed attempts, a woman finally buckled up the courage and asked him what his skincare routine was, to which he smiled and replied, “It’s just the same as everyone else’s.”

The girl obviously wasn’t convinced and asked him to tell the truth. Once again, he replied with the same sentence but this time, with one additional line. He said, “It’s just the same as everyone else’s. I just stopped making some mistakes.”

‘What mistakes?” asked the woman. The man said. “Meet me here at the same time tomorrow and I’ll give you the list.

“What list?” asked the woman.

“This list that my Dermatologist gave me when I was struggling with skin issues.” and he walked away.

The sun rose again and the woman waited for the man at the same place. The man was, indeed. a man of his word; he came and handed an envelope to the woman. Without saying a single word, he smiled and walked away.

The woman, dying to feed her curiosity, opened the envelope and started reading the list.

This is what the list read:

                       10 Skincare Mistakes That You Are Making!

  1. You are not cleaning your phone screen. It’s a playground for bacteria and with every phone call, they jump right on to your face.
  2. You are using the same pillow cover for months. Connect the dots and you will know how it is hurting your skin.
  3. You are touching your face over and over again with your dirty hands. Please stop doing that.
  4. Using a facewash is good but not moisturizing your skin after that is a big, big mistake!
  5. You are not drinking enough water. Your skin needs it as much as you do!
  6. You are choosing social media and Netflix over sleep and your skin hates that. Start spending more time with your eyes shut, you idiot!  
  7. Stop popping your pimples. I know you do it and I want you to stop!
  8. Your kitchen cabinets are filled with chips and your refrigerator is full of frozen foods. Start eating healthy bro, your skin will thank you for that.
  9. You take a shower with hot water and it is injurious to your skin. Turn the temperature down a notch, okay?  
  10. Lastly, stop picking random skin products off supermarket shelves. We have studied this for over 10 years for a reason!

The woman understood that she had been making most of these mistakes and decided to never repeat them. Also, she went straight to the Dermatologist with a new found hope for perfect and flawless skin.

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