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Foods good for your teeth

You can do a lot of things to get that perfect smile, from brushing regularly, to flossing and using a mouthwash. But what matters is if you are taking good care of your teeth from within to make that beautiful smile last long. While a nutrition-rich diet is important to keep you healthy, it is also important to maintain a diet that boosts your oral health. Simple, everyday foods that we eat play an important role in maintaining our gum and teeth health. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and calcium-rich foods provide essential nutrients for optimum oral health and also make our overall health better. Remember, your teeth show what you eat. You need to understand what’s good and bad food for teeth. Some foods can cause serious damage to your teeth and should be avoided. Sugar is an enemy of your teeth. It can break down your teeth enamel and lead to cavities. Did you know that sour candies can stick to your teeth for a really long time because they are chewy and cause decay? Avoid alcohol, carbonated drinks, ice, potato chips, and bread if you want to protect your teeth. Don’t allow plaque to create havoc in your mouth, eat foods that help your teeth.

Switching to healthier foods

Let us have a look at some of the foods for healthy teeth and gums:


The first and foremost in this list is water. Saliva is made up of 99.5% water. It breaks down food, rinses it from the mouth, neutralizes bacteria, and prevents decay. In order to avoid dehydration, drinking water is very necessary.


Cheese is a good food for healthy teeth. This is definitely good news for all you cheese lovers. Cheese is a superfood when it comes to combating enamel erosion caused due to various acids present in foods. The calcium in cheese helps in putting back the minerals in your teeth, lost due to other foods. It also strengthens and rebuilds the tooth enamel. Now you have more reasons to choose cheese as a dessert after your meal!

Fruits and vegetables

A great option is to have fruits for healthy teeth and gums. High-fiber fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals are the best foods for dental health as well as for your overall health. Apples, fresh carrots, celery, kale, and spinach build the enamel of your teeth. Let these foods be your natural defence against unwanted cavities and gum disease.


A good amount of calcium in your diet protects your teeth and gums from diseases. Your body does not have the ability to absorb all the calcium if you do not have enough vitamin D. Fatty fish is a great source of vitamin D and allows your teeth and gums to get the benefits of calcium from the foods that you eat daily.

Green and Black Tea

Compounds called polyphenols are found in black and green teas which slow down the growth of bacteria that causes cavities and plaque. Bacteria feed on the sugars in your mouth and excrete acids that destroy your teeth enamel. Hence, sipping on a cup of tea during or after your meal is a good option for maintaining teeth health.


Yogurt is the best food for healthy teeth. It is high in calcium and protein which ensures good health and is the best food for strong teeth. The probiotics or beneficial bacteria present in yogurt fight the harmful bacteria and can help rebuild the teeth enamel.

Raisins and Almonds

These are both low in sugar. While raisins are a great source of phytochemicals, which kill cavity-causing, plaque bacteria, almonds are a good source of calcium and protein which makes both of them the best foods to strengthen teeth. Some compounds in raisins are also known to affect the growth of bacteria associated with gum disease. It is a wise choice to add foods that make your teeth healthy, to your diet. Eating right is the key to healthy teeth. Avoid having snacks in between meals, try opting for sugarless gum, drink lots of water throughout the day. You can also consult a dentist and seek advice through MediBuddy to know more about foods that can keep your teeth and gum healthy.


Understanding and proper knowledge of oral health are of utmost importance. Include a variety of nutrient-rich foods, maintain a balanced diet, and let the cleansing properties of all these good foods do wonders for your teeth.

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