Do’s And Don’ts To Maintain Your Hair In Monsoons


Monsoons mean increased humidity and several hair problems. Your hair will likely become lifeless and limp. During this time you may experience excessive hair fall, dandruff and damage as well. Environmental changes are inevitable, but here’s what you can do to give maximum protection to your hair in monsoon.

Tips to hair care in monsoon

  1. Clean scalp

Keeping your hair and the scalp clean during monsoons is the key. You must pay extra attention and cleanse your scalp and hair thoroughly with a good and mild shampoo. You must understand what is suitable for your hair type. Always use a nourishing conditioner after shampoo. Make sure the water you use to clean hair is not harsh as it can make your hair dry.

  1. Keep hair free from rainwater

When outdoors, try to cover your head when it rains. Rainwater is dirty, acidic and is harmful for your hair. If you get wet in the rain, wipe and dry your hair with a soft towel. This also prevents hair fall.

  1. Choose the right comb

Yes, the comb is an important factor to determine hair health. It is advised to not comb your wet hair. This is when your hair is the weakest and has more chances of breakage.  A wide-tooth, wooden comb is the best option to easily detangle your hair. Make sure to frequently clean your comb and avoid sharing it to prevent fungal infections.

  1. Tie your hair up

Leaving your hair open in monsoons is probably the worst decision. Always tie your hair into a ponytail or bun to prevent frizz. This will not leave you exposed to scalp problems and damage either.

  1. Apply coconut oil regularly

This tip is meant for both men and women. Applying coconut oil regularly before shampoo helps in preconditioning your hair. Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment, let it rest for a while and rinse. The oil will make your hair greasy and lessen the amount of water your hair soaks up during washing. It also protects you from itchy scalp problems.

  1. Hair trimming

A haircut or hair trimming is an easy solution to hair problems in monsoon. It will not only give you a new look, but will also help you get rid of split ends and dryness. Short hair is also easier to maintain and take care of.

  1. Avoid heat styling your hair

Monsoon is not the best time to experiment with heat styling tools or go for any chemical treatments and colouring. It has several negative effects on your hair and can wreak havoc.  It is better to invest in nourishing creams and spas to ensure hair health.

Eat your way to healthy hair

Remember that diet is also important for good hair. Here’s a list of nutrient supplements and foods you should include in your daily diet.

  1. Protein-rich food

This keeps your hair root strong, makes your hair healthy and fights scalp diseases. Eggs are a good source of protein and biotin and must be consumed daily. Fish is highly beneficial too and helps in the production of sebum which is the natural oily substance that keeps scalp moisturized.

  1. Vitamin supplements

Vitamin H, Vitamins A, and D are great for hair health. If you miss these out in your daily meals, you can always take supplements. In recent times, there are flavored gummies available to offer good hair. Other supplements like iron, zinc are also very useful and your doctor shall guide you best regarding what you need and in what quantity.

  1. Stay hydrated

Not only for hair care, staying hydrated is extremely important during monsoons. Even amidst a busy routine, you must drink plenty of fluids to stay active and maintain hair, scalp pH. You can include lime soda, clear soup, green tea, and milk in your daily diet.


Avoiding stress can actually help you achieve healthy hair goals. Be it monsoon or in any other weather conditions. Eat well to release toxins from the body and you can also try DIY pastes to treat fungal infections in the scalp. Carry hoods, scarves, umbrellas or caps at all times during monsoon to keep your hair covered and dry. Silky, smooth tresses are not easy to get, it requires utmost patience and you must curate and stick to a proper routine for your hair.