Fitness Motivation-Bollywood Style


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Bollywood Dialogues are all about power and impact and so is ‘fitness’. But what happens when you mix the two? See for yourself!

**Note: After reading this, you might want a Bollywood celebrity as your personal trainer! **

** What did Gabbar Singh ask after he saw you eat a cheese and mayo sandwich?**


What did Sanjay Dutt tell you when you became his gym buddy?


What did Ranbir Kapoor tell when you asked him to let you use the treadmill?

Ye Jawani

What did Shahrukh Khan tell to motivate you to go for a jog?

Happy New Year

What did Deepika Padukone tell you when you asked her about her extra set?

Om Shanti Om

What did Emraan Hashmi tell when you offered him your bag of chips?

Once Upon a time in Mumbai

What did Salman Khan tell when you asked him to stop working out?


What did Farhan Akhtar tell you to make sure that you don’t skip your workout?

Zindagi na milegi dubara

What did Paresh Rawal say when you and your friend were alternating using his 10 kg dumb bell?

Hera Pheri

What did your Dharmendra’s muscle say to his body fat?

Sholay 2

Nothing like a good laugh, eh? Any Bollywood dialogues that we have missed out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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