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DocsApp – All you need to know
Tom wakes up in the morning with what look like red rashes on his hands, a mild fever and an upset stomach. As usual, he calls mom. “Strange combination of illnesses,” she frets over the phone. “Please Tom, go to a doctor now!,” she pleads.

What does Tom do?

He takes his mobile phone, opens DocsApp app, types his problem and seeks consultation from a dermatologist. Voila! In a few minutes, he has a MD dermatologist delivering treatment on the phone saying, “You have folliculitis, or inflammation of hair follicles!.” He prescribes medicines. Tom orders medicine delivery through DocsApp. All this while, as Tom lies on his bed.

Simply DocsApp
DocsApp is the answer to a majority of health questions of immediate nature. It is the simplest way to consult specialist doctors from wherever you are and whenever you need. It is a user-friendly mobile app that gives you freedom from the difficulty of getting doctor’s appointment, travelling in bad traffic when you are ill, shyness/discomfort in talking to doctors, and a painful wait at the clinic.

Why DocsApp
According to experts, 72% of health issues can be addressed online. It means, you don’t need to go to doctors in person for consultation for a majority of illnesses. All you need to get expert consult delivered via DocsApp and stay healthy. Don’t ignore your health problems, however minor they are, just because you don’t have time to seek consultation.

360-degree healthcare on your phone
Installing DocsApp empowers you to connect with specialist doctors for many of your health problems and get the consultation delivered in less than 30 minutes!
You can also order door delivery of medicines. Not just this, it is possible to get lab tests done in the comfort of your home.

DocsApp power to you
As a DocsApp user, YOU:
Don’t need to take doctor’s appointment
Can access specialists with min 5-year experience
Receive consultation in less than 30-mins (Average turnaround in 15 mins)
Can access doctors from anywhere
Get best healthcare at affordable cost

DocsApp in numbers

  • 100,000+ patients using app
  • 300+ specialist doctors online
  • 1000+ lab partners across India

DocsApp for doctors
To doctors, DocsApp provides a platform to reach out to patients anywhere in India. It increases their reach and hence their impact.
The app is powered by a network of more than 300 qualified and experienced doctors who are specialists in varied fields such as Gynecology, Dermatology, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and many more…
Leverage DocsApp’s inbuilt capabilities to get close to thousands of patients by engaging them with featured blog articles that are informative and helpful, and impress them with your profiles.

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