Mental Health At Workplace-Why is it important?

Why should mental health be promoted at the workplace?

The hustle and bustle, of our professional lives, have led to a rise in mental health issues. A study conducted by WHO highlights that over 300 million people suffer from depression. Many of these people also suffer from anxiety.
A negative working environment may lead to physical and mental health problems, harmful use of substances or alcohol, absenteeism and lost productivity. Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains. It is important to maintain a healthy work- atmosphere to ensure that the employees stay happy, secure and productive.

Here are the top 3 reasons why companies should promote mental health

1. Happy employees = Less resignations: When employees are happy with their job, they perform better and are less likely to leave the job. This brings down the attrition rate of the company.

2. Employees are more productive when they're happy: Research shows when a person is happy, their level of productivity shoots up. When a person is unhappy, their productivity level dips drastically.

3. The company's success depends on the employees: Companies with highly engaged employees have better results financially as well as operationally. Revenues across companies listed in "Fortune's top 100 companies to work for" increased an average of 22% in one year. Workplace wellness programs increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and boosts the morale of employees. It is evident that happy employees are vital to the success of a company.

Ways to ensure that the employees stay happy and at the top of their game always:

1. Do not micromanage- Allow employees to work independently from the management. Allow them to take full responsibility of the tasks/projects assigned to them.

2. Encourage communication- Ensure that employees are comfortable to voice their concerns and discuss their opinions freely. Listen to what they have to say and ensure that they're heard.

3. Maintain transparency- Share work related intelligence with the employees. Have bosses and employees consult together on projects and strategy, where both can put forward opinions.

4. Support mental health- Provide assistance programs for excess stress. Encourage the employees to take simple steps to reduce stress like taking breaks to go for a walk, talk with coworkers, or just to get some fresh air.

5. Emphasize education - Conduct seminars to create awareness about healthy living. Recruit speakers to talk about time management, stress management etc.

Things employees can do keep themselves happy at the workplace

1. Learn to relax- Taking a few minutes each day to stay calm can help relieve stress.Take a walk, do some stretches, talk to a co-worker etc. Indulge in any activity of your choice.

2. Don't be afraid to communicate- Learn to address your issues in a considerate manner and openly communicate with others to create a healthy work environment.

3. Avoid overloading your day- Remember that you don't have to say 'YES' to everything asked of you. Schedule your tasks efficiently and prioritize your tasks.

4. Plan your day- Lack of time is the number one cause of stress. Plan your time wisely, divide your work day into different sections for optimum productivity.

5. Get all IT issues fixed- It may not seem like a serious issue. Computers freezing, emails not working, data loss etc.. these are common reasons that trigger stress. Fix all these issues to work seamlessly.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Take care!